New ACH-8xx switching feature

Hybrid antennas combiners ACH-842 and ACH-862 are now available with a new Switching feature providing 8 buttons to switch ON/OFF each antenna. The first units are already in action on the new France Télévision studios in Saint Cloud and on D8 studios.


World Port Days 2014 in Rotterdam (NL)

Broady Solutions RF over fiber systems were present at sailing parade with our partner RF Transmission, allowing extended coverage in Europe’s largest harbor.


Broady Solutions in Brazil

Broady Solutions RF over Fiber systems were present on FIFA World Cup in Brazil to extend Overline wireless intercom coverage provided by WNM and their partner RF Transmission.


Broady Solutions has provided Radio France with ACH-642 combiners and AFB-250 dual antenna fiber boxes for their auditoriums and OB vans.


Broady Solutions has provided RF over Fiber systems to Canal+ Group in order to extend their RF coverage on D8, D17 and iTélé facilities both for reception and transmission (Phonak).



Broady Solutions RF over Fiber systems allowed full RF coverage of shopping malls in Rennes with 16 fiber remote antennas and Dijon with 12 fiber remote antennas.